Senior Friends Newsletter 4th Qtr 2019

October 7, 2019

A word from the Director

Hello Friends:

What brings you joy? Is it spending time with family and loved ones. Is it having a night out at your favorite restaurant with friends and going to a great show or a trip. Perhaps it is when you receive a special gift from someone who knew you had an eye on it. Maybe it is when you treat yourself to some-thing you have wanted for a long time and you know you deserve a break. Yes, all these things make me happy. But, does it bring you true joy? Does it make you whole?

I find, when talking to people, true joy comes when they are doing something for someone else. When you make someone smile, now that sets your soul on fire.

Doing for others is what can truly make your life whole. Stop, right now and think when you last felt real joy. My hope is you can remember a time and it just put a smile on your face and it warmed your soul.

I am lucky to have been able to feel true joy in my life. I can say without a doubt I am happier when I am making someone else happy. Now, I’m no saint, and I love doing all the things I men-tioned above. But, it is simply a different feeling, what I call joy, when you do for others.

Volunteering can bring you joy! Need me today.

Debbie Peyton

Debbie Peyton, CDVS Senior Friends’ Director

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