Your Health Now: 4 Simple Ways Men Can Take Control of Their Health Today

June 14, 2021

There is a long-standing perception that women tend to focus on their health more than men do. Unfortunately, it’s a perception that rings all too true. A survey cited in a 2019 article from AARP found that only half of the men surveyed get regular check-ups and 72 percent preferred household chores over going to the doctor. While it’s true that women are more accustomed to regular doctor visits from an early age, it’s not an excuse for men to take their eye off the ball when it comes to their health.

Raleigh General Hospital Names 2021 Mercy Award Winner

April 28, 2021

Beckley, W.Va. (Aril 28, 2021) – Raleigh General Hospital recently announced that Tiffany Cook has been recognized as the hospital’s 2021 Mercy Award winner. The Mercy Award recognizes one employee from each of LifePoint Health’s hospitals who profoundly touches the lives of others and best represents the spirit and values on which the company was founded.

Heart Health at Any Age

February 23, 2021

Things change as we get older. How you took care of yourself in your 20s might be very different from how you take care of yourself today. That said, it’s important to understand what you should keep in mind as you age. Check out these pointers on what to remember as each decade comes and goes, as well as some things to keep in mind at every day at every age.

Got Kids? Give ‘Em Heart!

February 23, 2021

As a parent, there are a number of great reasons to get your kids to think of their health as a priority. And there are a number of great ways to help them do that, including regular physical activity.

It Does That? Fun Facts About Your Hard-Working Heart

February 19, 2021

Your heart is one hard-working muscle – a fascinating, giant pump that’s working every second of every minute of every day. It’s working hard for you, so let these fun facts about your heart inspire you to work a little harder to keep it healthy.

Practical Tips on Better Sleep

February 19, 2021

Consistently getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most beneficial things you can do for the health of your mind and body. And it’s particularly important for your heart. Even though it keeps beating after you close your eyes, it benefits from the lowered blood pressure that happens when you drift off to dreamland. Check out these pointers to ward off tossing and turning and help ensure a deep and relaxing sleep tonight that leaves you rejuvenated and ready to tackle tomorrow.

Your Once-A-Year Day: Annual Screenings are Good for Your Heart

February 19, 2021

Playing an active role in your preventive health is a key factor in preventing heart disease and managing your risk factors for heart problems. And one of the best preventive health measures is your annual check-up with your primary care provider. Even if you don’t have a heart condition, it’s essential to schedule and keep annual exams. Make the most of your time with your provider and ask them about taking these screening tests:

How to Have a Heart-to-Heart about Health

February 18, 2021

Understanding the risk factors, signs and symptoms of heart disease can have a big impact on the likelihood of a positive outcome and a strong recovery when issues arise. Besides recognizing these in yourself, it’s also important to be able to recognize them in your loved ones and be able to comfortably discuss them. By detecting potential heart problems early, we’re more likely to be able to help keep them from progressing into serious conditions. But having the conversation can be challenging.

How Weight Weighs on Your Heart

February 17, 2021

Many of us have made New Years resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise. When we don’t always follow through, it’s not because we don’t want to be healthier. More often, life just gets in the way.

Heart Health Starts at Home

February 16, 2021

After a long day, it’s easy to put your feet up and grab the remote. This may help you unwind, but it won’t do your heart any favors. In fact, if you’re like most Americans, it’s enhancing an already sedentary lifestyle, which can increase your risk for several health problems, including heart disease.

Give Your Brown Bag a Boost

February 15, 2021

You’re at work. It’s lunchtime. Your brown bag lunch is waiting for you in the fridge. Maybe it’s two-day-old meatloaf. Maybe it’s a turkey sandwich. Either way, you’re not too thrilled about it. We’ve all been there. If only you could make your brown bag lunch more exciting. Well, you can! Start with this Broccoli Salad with Chopped Walnuts. The walnuts bring antioxidants and a satisfying crunch, the broccoli brings vitamins and fiber -which can help lower cholesterol, the poultry packs protein and the dressing adds a delightfully creamy finish.

A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart

February 12, 2021

You’ve heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine,” right? There might be more truth to it than you think. Not only is laughter free, but research shows that laughing can strengthen your immune system, boost your energy, alleviate pain and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. How, you might ask?

Is it a sign?

February 10, 2021

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), equating to approximately one in four male deaths and one in five female deaths. One of the ways to help change that statistic is by staying on top of the warning signs of heart disease so that it can be caught early.

More Numbers and a Major Risk Factor to Know

February 10, 2021

When it comes to heart health, you might hear your provider talk about your “numbers” – specifics about your health that play an important role in your heart health and determining your risk for heart disease. We’ve already talked about blood pressure, cholesterol and waist size, but there are other numbers that play a part, too.

Workplace Workouts: Easy Ways to Make Your Day More Active

February 9, 2021

As we have been spending more time at home – both leisure and work time – during the pandemic, there’s a good chance that many of us may spend too much time sitting! The good news is that there are some easy ways to combat the sedentary lifestyle that can lead to a greater risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and other conditions, and make your day more active:

An Egg White a Day…

February 8, 2021

If you’re an egg lover, you may scoff at eating just the whites. Not so fast. If you’re open to a change, utilizing just the whites of the egg every now and then can benefit your heart, particularly if cholesterol is a concern. Egg whites are low in calories, high in protein and have no cholesterol. This egg white omelet is a great way to give them a try. Cook one up today!

Namaste Healthy: The Heart Benefits of Yoga

February 7, 2021

Manage blood pressure. Control cholesterol. Reduce blood sugar. Get active. Eat better. Lose weight. Stop smoking. There’s a reason the most talked about ways to improve your heart health also make up the American Heart Association’s (AHA) Life’s Simple 7® a list of seven lifestyle strategies that can help you lower your risk for heart disease: they work!

Know Your Numbers

February 6, 2021

One step in taking an active role in your health to help ensure a healthy life is by knowing specific numbers that play an important role for your heart:

Give Your Kitchen Pantry Some Love

February 5, 2021

Eating smart for your heart starts at home. But how do you know what to stock up on to keep your meals heart-healthy? We’ve compiled a guide to help you plan your next grocery trip to stock up on nutritious foods that can help you and your family stay healthy – and satisfied at the dinner table, today and every day.

Heart Disease 101: Warning Signs for Women

February 4, 2021

As the number one killer of men and women in the U.S., you might think that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to heart disease. But it does. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 16 women age 20 and older have coronary heart disease, while only approximately half of women recognize that heart disease is women’s number one killer. Additionally, women can sometimes experience heart attack symptoms differently from men.

Not All Symptoms Are Obvious: Overlooked Symptoms to Watch

February 3, 2021

We’ve all seen when heart attacks happen in the movies. A character is walking along when, suddenly, they grab their chest – wincing with pain – and immediately tell someone, “Call 911! I’m having a heart attack!”

30 Minutes a Day Can Help Keep Heart Disease Away

February 2, 2021

Did you know that exercising as little as 30 minutes every day can improve your heart health and quality of life? It can even be simple activities that are easier to incorporate into your schedule, like taking your dog for a jog, tossing a ball with your kids or sunset walk in the neighborhood. According to the American Heart Association, walking is the simplest positive change you can make to improve your heart health.

Welcome to 28 Days of Heart Health

February 1, 2021

Each February, we mark American Heart Month – a great opportunity to focus on heart health and essential role it plays in your overall well-being, today and every day. In fact, maintaining good heart health can help you add years to your life so you can enjoy many more days to come. So, welcome to the 28 Days of Heart Health.

28 Days of Heart: Getting a Jump Start on Being Heart Smart

February 1, 2021

If the classic shape of a heart pops into your mind when you think of February, you’re not alone. With Valentine’s Day falling at the exact mid-point of the month, stores are filled with heart-shaped cards, candy and more to celebrate the annual holiday of love.

Simon Ratliff Named CEO of Raleigh General Hospital

January 26, 2021

Raleigh General Hospital (RGH) today announced that Simon Ratliff has been named chief executive officer (CEO), effective February 22. Ratliff has served as CEO of Logan Regional Medical Center, a LifePoint facility in Logan, West Virginia, for the past two years.

Raleigh General Hospital Welcomes First Baby of 2021

January 2, 2021

BECKLEY, W.Va. (January 1, 2021) – Raleigh General Hospital is ringing in 2021 with the year’s first bundle of joy. Weighing 5 pounds and 13 ounces and measuring 19.75 inches, Jabari was born, Friday, Jan. 1, at 10:52am.

Brighter Days Ahead: Celebrate the New Year with a Healthy Start

December 31, 2020

A new year is always an opportunity for a fresh start. A new beginning. That’s one of the big reasons so many of us set New Year’s resolutions. Turning the page on the calendar gives us a chance to turn the page on unhealthy habits, resolve to be better, healthier versions of ourselves and look to the future with hope for what’s to come.

Blood Donation: How You Can Aid in the COVID-19 Fight and Make Your Community Healthier

October 26, 2020

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood – but only about 10 percent of those who are eligible to give actually make a blood donation each year. Donated blood is a necessary part of helping patients cope with a wide variety of conditions, including burns, trauma, heart surgery, cancer, organ transplants and more. A one-time blood donation can save the lives of up to three people.

Celebrating Safely: How to keep you, your family and your community healthy this holiday season

October 26, 2020

The final two months of the year are traditionally filled with a number of opportunities to celebrate with family, friends and co-workers. Of course, 2020 has been anything but a traditional year, thanks in no small part to the ongoing pandemic. As we continue to fight COVID-19 and work to slow the spread in our community, it’s a good idea to take a moment and rethink how we celebrate during the upcoming holiday season.

Practicing Safe Medication Habits Helps Make Homes and Communities Healthier

October 21, 2020

Most of us have taken medicine to help heal from illness or injury at some point in our lives. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 82 percent of American adults take at least one medication and 29 percent take five or more. Medications are a frequently important part of the healing process and can be essential in managing ongoing conditions.

An Hour That Could Impact a Lifetime

October 1, 2020

Our daily schedules can be tough to juggle. Especially when there is that “one more thing” to try and fit in. Especially now, when we have a new set of COVID-19-related challenges to navigate, like video work calls, shifting school schedules and more. But if you’re a woman age 40 or older, there’s one extra thing you should make time for – an annual mammogram. It’s one hour, once a year that could save your life.

Don’t Take a Chance with Your Health – Get Vaccinated for Flu Season

September 10, 2020

It is hard to believe that in the coming weeks, the temperature will begin its downward trend, and the fall season will already be upon us. This also means that flu season is just around the corner – a period which usually peaks between December and February but can last as late as May.

Raleigh General Hospital Publishes Annual Community Benefit Report

August 11, 2020

Beckley, W.Va. – (Aug. 11 2020) – Raleigh General Hospital today published its annual community benefit report for the 2019 calendar year. The annual report showcases the broad scope of the hospital’s contributions to the Beckley community and illustrates the many ways the organization invests in the region’s physical and economic health.

Raleigh General Hospital Reimplements Zero Visitor Protocol

July 21, 2020

Beckley, W.Va. – July 21, 2020 – For the safety of its patients, staff and providers, Raleigh General Hospital announced today that it is re-implementing certain visitor restrictions in response to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the community.

Raleigh General Hospital Urges Community Members to Wear Masks

July 15, 2020

(Beckley, W.Va. – July 15, 2020) – Raleigh General Hospital is urging community members to wear face masks or cloth face coverings in public areas where social distancing is not easily achieved in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Safe for the Summer: Tips to Help You Stay Protected and Healthy While Enjoying the Season

June 29, 2020

With summer officially here, chances are you’re hoping to take advantage of the season’s many opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. And while it’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still here and we should be doing everything we can to stop the spread of this virus, taking a break to get outside, soak up some vitamin D and enjoy a little fun in the sun can do a world of good for your physical and mental health.

Know where to go to get the care you need

June 1, 2020

Knowing where to go to get the care you need can be confusing – especially now. Efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 have resulted in many new practices for hospitals, outpatient centers and medical offices. As we move forward, life – and healthcare – will look different, but Raleigh General Hospital’s commitment to providing a broad range of healthcare services won’t change.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Health and Wellness during COVID-19

May 20, 2020

Like many aspects of daily life, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we think about and access healthcare these days. For families, that includes pediatric care for children. We asked Deborah Vaughn, Chief Nursing Officer at Raleigh General Hospital, to talk about the importance of continuing to seek proper care for your child and answer some frequently asked questions regarding children’s health during this time.

Raleigh General Hospital Marks National Hospital Week, Honors Healthcare Heroes

May 11, 2020

Beckley, W.Va. – May 11, 2020 – Raleigh General Hospital is proud to join the American Hospital Association and healthcare organizations around the country in celebrating National Hospital Week, which is observed May 10-15. Each May, National Hospital Week provides an opportunity to pause and honor the millions of healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to taking care of people in their greatest times of need, and to recognize the positive difference hospitals and healthcare organizations make in the communities they serve.

Raleigh General Hospital Marks National Nurses Month, Celebrates the Year of the Nurse

May 4, 2020

Raleigh General Hospital is proud to join the American Nurses Association (ANA) in celebrating National Nurses Month this May, in an expanded recognition of the positive impact our nurses have on the health and well-being of our community. National Nurses Week – observed annually May 6-12 – honors the men and women around the country who have dedicated their lives to caring for those who are at their most vulnerable and in need.

Raleigh General Hospital to Resume Elective and Non-Urgent

April 30, 2020

Beckley, W.Va. (4/30/20) – Raleigh General Hospital announced today that it is taking the appropriate steps to safely resume some elective and non-urgent surgeries and procedures that were previously rescheduled out of an abundance of caution amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Minutes Matter: Don’t Put Your Heart Health On Hold During COVID-19

April 23, 2020

When a heart attack strikes, every minute matters. In fact, the first few minutes are critical in determining the short-term and long-term outcome for the patient. While the world continues to focus on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, cardiovascular disease, or heart disease, is still the leading cause of death in the United States – and as such – it’s important to seek care in an emergency.

Thank a Healthcare Hero

April 3, 2020

As we continue to fight COVID-19, it has been so encouraging to see the outpouring of support from Beckley and surrounding areas for Raleigh General Hospital.

Supporting Efforts to Keep Our Community Healthy

March 25, 2020

Our community – along with communities around the world – is navigating unprecedented challenges as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread. The cycle of our lives and neighborhoods has been altered, and we are all working to accommodate an ever-changing new normal. Fear and uncertainty complicate our collective abilities to do this.

Raleigh General Hospital Suspends Visitation

March 20, 2020

Beckley, W.Va. (Mar. 20, 2020) – Raleigh General Hospital (RGH) continues to work closely with the Beckley-Raleigh County Health Department the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR) and is following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the hospital is prepared with the appropriate plans to detect, protect and respond should anyone in the community contract or be exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). With the health and safety of our patients, families, employees and community in mind, effective March 22, 2020, Raleigh General Hospital will temporarily suspended all visitation to our facility.

COVID-19: What Raleigh General Hospital is Doing and What You Can Do

March 17, 2020

It probably feels as if coronavirus – or as it is officially known, COVID-19 – is all anyone is talking about these days. As COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses like the seasonal flu continue to spread across the U.S., you also may feel a certain level of concern over how this disease could affect you or your loved ones, or if your local healthcare provider is prepared to respond to any local cases that may arise.

Statement: Novel Coronavirus (COVID–19)

March 11, 2020

Raleigh General Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care and ensuring the safety of our patients, employees, providers, volunteers and visitors

Eat Right, Bite by Bite: How to make good nutrition work for you

March 6, 2020

Eating healthy helps us get and stay healthy. And there’s no better time to adopt useful strategies for making good nutrition an essential part of your health journey than National Nutrition Month.® This year’s theme is “Eat Right, Bite by Bite” – a great reminder that eating healthy and responsibly doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. Small steps toward changing your food habits can add up to a big, positive impact on your health. Here are four steps to get you started.

In the Mix: Why it might be time to add routine colonoscopies to your health journey

March 3, 2020

It’s a scene many of us can recall. You arrive home from school, rush to your bedroom and tune your boombox to your favorite radio station. You pop in a blank cassette tape, or one you’ve recorded over so many times before, to capture the songs you love – or the songs you hope someone else will love, too. If that scene of adding favorite songs to your mixtape conjures up fond memories from days gone by, it might be time to add a routine colonoscopy to your health mixtape.

It’s Heart Month! Give your heart the attention it deserves to stay healthy all year long

February 12, 2020

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, hearts seem to be everywhere you look this time of year. That’s why it is especially fitting that February is American Heart Month, a time to raise awareness of heart disease and how we can help prevent it. It’s also the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves to take good care of our hearts year-round.

Healthy Sleep

December 23, 2019

Sleep, Glorious Sleep: Resolving to Get the Rest You Need This Year

Lower Your Cholesterol, Lower Your Risk

August 22, 2019

“Cholesterol” is probably one of the most common words you hear when it comes to heart disease, what and what not to eat, and general health and well-being.

Cookout Caution: Keeping Food Safety in Focus This Summer

June 27, 2019

Summer offers plentiful opportunities to gather outdoors with family and friends. Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Labor Day, an afternoon on the lake or one last hurrah before school days beckon again, al fresco celebrations are the order of the day when the sun is out and the temps are warm.

Making Communities Healthier Takes 24/7/365 Teamwork

May 1, 2019

At Raleigh General Hospital, we know that it takes around-the-clock efforts and dedicated teamwork to provide the highest quality care for our neighbors and achieve our mission of Making Communities Healthier®

Raleigh General Recognized for Wound Center Excellence

April 8, 2019

Healogics, the nation's largest provider of advanced wound care services, recently presented the hospital's center with the President's Circle award in recognition of being a "Center of Distinction" with outstanding performance.

Tis the Season to Be Healthy

December 6, 2018

Stay the course this holiday season with these handy tips to help you indulge the healthy way through the holidays.

Raleigh General Patients Fulfill Their Civic Duty

November 13, 2018

Previously at Raleigh General Hospital, nursing staff instructed patients if they wanted to vote, they could call their county clerk’s office and arrange for an emergency absentee ballot. But this year, in effort to simplify the process for patients, Raleigh General made all the arrangements.

Lung Cancer - It's not just a Smoker's Disease

October 31, 2018

As many as 20 percent of lung cancer fatalities can be attributed to those who have never smoked or used any form of tobacco, according to an article published by the American Cancer Society.

Midwives Recognized at RGH

October 24, 2018

The night shift nurses at RGH on Labor and Delivery, crafted a mural, featuring a wall-length, hand-painted tree with seven framed photos, along with the words, "Love Delivered Daily".

Protecting Yourself and Our Community from the Flu

October 11, 2018

At Raleigh General Hospital, our mission is Making Communities Healthier. One way we do this is by making sure our neighbors have the information they need to stay healthy and fight preventable diseases, like the flu

Cyber Security is a Team Sport

September 27, 2018

Need to pay a bill? Just click. Want to purchase a new appliance? Click. Send a party invite to a group? Click. The forward march of online technology continues to make our lives easier and free up more time for other activities. But with increased convenience comes increased risk of identity theft and an online attack on your finances and other confidential information.

Local golf tournament scores $6000 for Alzheimer's Association

August 27, 2018

A group gathers Friday at Raleigh General Hospital to present $6,000 from the Mountain State Golf Classic to the Alzheimer's Association.Pictured, from left, are Mike Mays, mortgage lender at Chase Bank; Ryan Neal, co-owner of Beef Jerky Outlet and golf tournament director; Debbie Peyton, Director of Volunteers at Raleigh General; Cheryl Mitchem, director of business development at Raleigh General; Nicole Nesmith, walk coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association; and Matt Roberts, CEO of Raleigh General.

Raleigh General physicians volunteering time to help NAS babies

December 5, 2017

Tammy Abel, Executive Director of Women's and Children's Services, and Dr. Elizabeth Thompson Nelson, hospitalist, in the nursery at Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley. They are heading up a cuddling program for babies born drug-exposed or drug-addicted.

RGH Triplets

May 28, 2012

Still together, triplets prepare for college move

RGH Welcomes New Chief Medical Officer

December 27, 2011

Raleigh General Hospital is pleased to welcome Ronald L. Rezjer, MD to our Administrative Team as the hospital's new Chief Medical Officer.

RGH Now Offers da Vinci Hysterectomy

December 12, 2011

Finally, there is a minimally invasive option for treating gynecologic conditions designed to overcome the limitations of traditional surgery - da Vinci Surgery.